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gPhoton is a Python software toolkit that opens up the short time domain capabilities of the unique Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) ultraviolet data set for the first time. An implementation of the gPhoton database has been publicly deployed at the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes at the Space Telescope Science Institute, and makes the ~1.7 trillion individual photons observed in “direct” imaging mode by that spacecraft during the NASA-funded phases of the mission available for fast, on-demand analysis of brief, time-variable astrophysical phenomena with simple command-line tools.

Github Code Repo || Variable Source Detection ||ApJ article || Sky & Telescope

AHFE Concatenated Bundle

We have recently repaired all available data from the Apollo 15 and 17 Heat Flow Experiments and repackaged it in a user-friendly, PDS4-compliant format, complete with highly-transparent code. The resulting bundle has been released in the Planetary Data System, and the latest version is always available on Github.

Summary page || PDS bundle || Github Bundle Repo || P&SS Article

Research Software Archiving

Million Concepts continues to develop technologies, methodologies, and best practices for the archiving of research software as well as critical software operating environments, building foundations necessary to create very long-term archives of high-value research software of extreme scientific and historical importance, such as the bespoke and often highly complex calibration pipelines for major space research missions.


The Extraterrestrial Virtual Field Experience (EVFE) is a browser- and tablet-based educational activity with game-like elements that puts player-students in the role of the Mars Exploration Rover science team tasked with allocating limited resources to make targeted scientific observations to address specific scientific questions. The EVFE uses exclusively real (not simulated) scientific data from the MER Spirit rover, and the interface and resource tradeoffs closely mimic those made in actual mission planning workflows. EVFE is in active use as an outreach activity by the Spacecraft Planetary Image Facility (SPIF) at Cornell University.

EVFE website @ SPIF